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x5650 - lexmark x5650 cartridge reset

lexmark x5650 cartridge reset

Posted by gestell (read 13957 times)
I have refilled a lexmark 36 cartridge. The printer screen states that the black ink level is low.I am being told that ther is a chip that does not allow the cartridge to work if refilled. Is there a way to reset a cartridge to work after being refilled?

Unfortunately currently the Lexmark "X" series cannot be reset

Re: x5650 - lexmark x5650 cartridge reset

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x5650 Printer Models:
2 Printers that contain 'x5650' and 'x5650'
  • Lexmark X5650
  • Lexmark X5650es

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    4. OEM Lexmark 18C2150 (#36A) Black Inkjet Cartridge
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    5. OEM Lexmark 18C2160 (#37A) Color Inkjet Cartridge
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